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Jamming with Marcus Miller
live mit Beifer at Tunnel Visions 22 in Blitz Club, Munich
Live improvised score to "Uit het rijk der kristallen" (1927) at EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam
Live at Skatecafe, Amsterdam
At the studio, recording "1987" with Lex Tanger
Rope Berry Performance at Mahalla
Live at Theater im Delphi, Berlin
Portrait by Enzo Leqlercq
Hollinger + moono
Brnjsmin & Hollinger
Music: Infos


Music: Infos

O / H / R

The trio consists of saxophonist Odizouu aka. Moritz Stahl, bass guitarist Bernhard Hollinger und drummer Fabian Rösch. The group focuses on an unique mix of Jazz, Beats, Avantgarde and post-contemporary Improvisation including electronics and effects to create organic and vulnerable schemes that are moving into each other, tangible melodies and rhythmic mutations that redefine time and space. The non-hierarchical concept leaves space for each individual to contribute, give impulses and follow and support ideas, a constant process of communication, adaption, redirection.

Get a taste of O/H/R

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Music: Über
Music: Über


“Music for Light Bulbs” is an audio-visual performance-act as well as installation-piece which aims to put the visitor into a meditative state of contemplation. Similar to a shamanic journey to the origin of light and sound, the spectator experiences an interactive organism that pulls, pushed and breathes and shows the dependency of human existence to warmth, light, frequency and the vulnerability of ambience and sound of Weichness.


Bernhard Hollinger's Ambient solo project "Weichness" is dedicated to healing as well as musical activism, opposing the mainstream culture of consumption and overstimulating elements. "Weichness" invites the listeners to enter their personal sanctuary of softness, peace and bliss.The loop-based lo-fi and analog sound collages with their crackles and noises, are meant to comfort and stimulate in a soft and mellow kind, flowing slowly through time and space, with an edge of sentimentalism.

Listen to some "Weichness"

Bernie Weichness Portrait.jpg
Music: Über


HOLY B is an experimental musician, progressive electric bass player and producer. His sound is embracing the realm of Lo-Fi and explores a unique pathway along psychedelic edges and rhythmic voodoo. He draws inspiration from idols like e.g. Micachu, Mono Neon, Dakim, Flying Lotus, J-Dilla and more. He released a three part EP-serie  „Adventures in Lo-Fi“, for which he collaborated with promising artists, such as Fred Red, Physical Graffiti, Beatdenker and Ark Noir.

"Adventures in Lo-Fi - Vol. 1 is a brilliant display of bringing the electric bass to unfamiliar settings. HOLY B's uninhibited use of analog noise and distorted samples shifts the perspective on the lo-fi umbrella and helps us glance into the genre's diversity." - thebopbscollective

Check out "Adventures in Lo-Fi"

Music: Über
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