Live at San Bernardo Bass Collection 2014 (Chile)
Jamming with Marcus Miller
Live on Red Light Radio (Amsterdam)
Live with "Fräulein Hahnkamper on the Dark Side of Bass"
Interdisciplinary Performance (Sound, Visuals and Dance)
Live improvised score to "Uit het rijk der kristallen" (1927) at EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam
Videoshoot to "Music for sampler & lightbulbs" at M7173, Cologne
Live at Skatecafe, Amsterdam
At the studio, recording "1987" with Giovanni Ciugi, Augustas Baronas, Yaniv Nachum and Teis Semey
At the studio, recording "1987" with Lex Tanger

Bernhard is a bass player, composer, arranger, producer and performer. Besides his activites as a sideman and bandleader for a wide spectrum of genres and bands, he is currently mainly focusing on original music and projects. His interest lies in a genre-fluid mix of styles and combines elements of his traditionally trained background as a jazz bass player with a progressive and contemporary attitude, which pushes himself into unknown territory; as a bass player as well as, as a composer.

In 2009 Hollinger received the "emerging artist"-award of the Jazzfestival Ingolstadt; in 2019 the "Sonderpreis der Schule für Dichtung" at the ORF Hörspiel-Gala for the track "Feminismus im Dunkeln", which he produced together with Vienna-based spoken word artist Fräulein Hahnkamper. 

Bernhard is happy to call himself endorser of high-class NYC-based amplification brand Aguilar and the company Elixir Strings for exceptional and long-lasting strings. 

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