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In recent years, Bernhard has been exploring different ways to experiment and collaborate, using not only his instrument the bass guitar, but also using electronics as well as performative elements. Following you can find some selected works as a collaborator as well as a tutor.

Diverse: Über


Experimental interdisciplinary video connecting the audio-visual installation "Being Seen" by Micha Elias Pichlkastner & Bernhard Hollinger at Schmiede 2020 and Hollinger's immersive sound design. 

Diverse: Video
Diverse: Video

Installation for televisions and surveillance cameras

A critical and "upcycled" discourse with the state of observation through technology as well as humans themselves. It questions the raise of control in times of social distancing and the possibilities of endless perspectives we can look at each other. 


"Home! Home! Home! Home!"

Home! is about the fragility of identity.

Composition and Guitar by Zeyn Mroueh

Bass, Synth & Percussion by Bernhard Hollinger

Film By Andy Bever and Rhi Ellis

Diverse: Video

NASS - Physical Theater Performance

"Nass" is a physical theater performance around the theme of water. The playful and informative piece includes a critical view on the use through humans as well as an interactive live-sound-performance.

Director: Paula Gendrisch

Actors: Sabeth Dannenberg, Jan Beller, Benjamin Dami

Technicians: Hermann Blenk, Mirko Prohaska

Composition and live music: Bernhard Hollinger

Dramaturgy: Teresa Gburek

Assistance: Chiara Hunski

Diverse: Video

Workflow on the Octatrack MKII x Music Theory

Bernhard has been working exclusively on the Elektron Octatrack MKII for a while. He is combining his professional background as a trained musician with making tutorials on the sampler, showing his workflow with the device and how to incorporate music theory, e.g. karnatic rhythms.


Diverse: Video
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