In recent years, Bernhard has been more and more curious to expand his horizon, not only on his instrument the bass guitar, but also as a musician and artist in general. Experimentation became a vital part of his daily routine. He has been working with sound, light, visuals and video, exploring their relations and effect on each other. Following you can find some of these experiments.



Experimental interdisciplinary video connecting the audio-visual installation "Being Seen" by Micha Elias Pichlkastner & Bernhard Hollinger at Schmiede 2020 and Hollinger's immersive sound design. 


"Ein Grabtuch aus Schmetterlingsflügeln"

Visualization of a poem by Lina Atfah for Literaturbüro OWL.
Visuals by Cendra Polsner
Voice by Katja Brenner
Composition & Sound by Bernhard Hollinger


Panos Kostouros - "Comet"

I contributed original music to this beautiful short-film, based on the children's book "Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Kore is the visualization of the ancient Greek myth of Persephony. Written & Directed by Panos Kostouros


37. Kasseler Dokfest - Trailer

Together with multi-media explorer Markus Homeier aka. moono, we have been providing the sound to the trailer of the  Documentary-Film-Festival in Kassel.


Kamasutra Feedback Duo - K. K. Superstar

KFD is a collaboration between light- and visual artist Denny Voch and Bernhard Hollinger. Their visual focus lies on analog video and experimental formats, combining oldschool video-mixing techniques with modular video-synthesis. The music reminds of rough and edgy electronic dance music with elements of noise and punk.



Ark Noir's Fifteen-Second Songs / Remix-Videos

Munich-based band "Ark Noir" has provided their stems for remixes. Bernhard has been making short remix-videos based on these original audio-stems and combining it with short clips, which he made himself. Trying out different musical ideas as well as video-content.


Workflow on the Octatrack MKII x Music Theory

Bernhard has been working exclusively on the Elektron Octatrack MKII for a while. He is combining his professional background as a trained musician with making tutorials on the sampler, showing his workflow with the device and how to incorporate music theory, e.g. karnatic rhythms.