Joasinho's "Mobile Disko"
Dj let go
Fufi.SNC live
Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti
Dirge Secil Kuran

... the future is bright!

Lo-Fi Playground is a platform for upcoming artists in the field of sound, visuals and performance. Its DIY-inspired events, the so-called Lo-Fi Playground Sessions, focus on adventurous and contemporary ideas and gives space for experiments, exploration and creative exchange. The platform was born out of the necessity to encourage and motivate artists - in opposition to mainstream - to experiment more and share their process. The focus lies on projects that are pushing boundaries and combining tradition, technology, media and ideology. The events are featuring local as well as international, upcoming as well as established artists and create a perfect environment for a curious audience.

Lo-Fi Lab is offering workshops with the artists in order to stimulate that curiousty and exchange knowledge as well as giving the artist more opportunity to share their thoughts and inspiration behind their art. Some workshop as well are aiming to incorporate kids and students and give them access to a world of DIY and electronis (screenprinting, synth-building, analog video).

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Aftermovie Lo-Fi Playground Session - Vol. 4

Aftermovie of the 4th edition of Lo-Fi Playground Sessions at OT301 / de Peper in Amsterdam; featuring Lowkolos, Nemerov, Pablo Diskko, Bertram, Alex Brajkovic & Frank Balde, Ivano Salonia, Accuraat, Bernhard Hollinger, Diskette Deluxe, Transformator Live, Tatjana Rosa and KAAPO.