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Bernhard Hollinger is an experimental musician, bass player, composer and producer navigating in the spectrum of Improvised Music, Jazz, Beats, Avantgarde, Neue Musik, Ambient and Electronic Music. His desire is to go beyond genres and utilize intuition and softness as a compass for his musical exploration that shines through contrast and playfulness, minimalistic schemes as well as organic movement. His approach of combining the electric bass guitar with electronics is unique and can be heard in different combinations in different settings. Currently Hollinger is working on releasing his band album "1987" as well as his solo producer project "Weichness" and playing bass and electronics in different constellations around Berlin's music scene. 

Questions? Feel free to contact me!

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I started a crowdfunding campaign to collect funds to press my upcoming album "1987" on vinyl! You can make sure to reserve yourself one of only 100 vinyls by contributing to my campaign. More info and donations possible in the link:

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Catch Bernhard live, doing stuff & going places


21.2. "Pleasure Incorporated" - English Theater, Berlin

16.3. Eichstätt - Galerie Bildfläche w/ Weichness

6.4. Berlin - Birgit und Bier, KiezBurn Night w/ Weichness

20.4. Berlin - Delphi Theater, Waxing Phases w/ Music for Light Bulbs

5.5. Ingolstadt - Kap95 w/ Weichness

5.5. Eichstätt - The Audiovisual Club w/ Weichness

11.5. Landau w/ HOLY B + Beatdenker

18.5. Eichstätt - Open Air w/ Weichness

22.5. Berlin - Zukunft, Future Bash w/ Beatdenker & Andi Haberl

23.5. Berlin - ZIK, KAAPO w/ Mononoke & Virta

24.5. Berlin - Jergon w/ Music for Light Bulbs

1.6. Berlin - Mahalla, Rope Berry 4 w/ Coco Katsura, Carmen Lafran, Hilary Whitmore, Louis Fleischauer, Shyuto & Valentin

20.6. Berlin - Gaswerksiedlung/ Solo

27.6. Berlin - 90mil Radio

29.6. Straubing w/ Bernie's Bounce

10.7. Berlin - Zukunft, Future Bash

18.7. Berlin - 90mil Radio

20.7. Berlin - Studio Acephale w/ Carmen LaFran (Butoh-Performance)

16.8. Berlin - Donau115 w/ O/H/R

21.8. Berlin - Donau115 w/ Haberl / Hollinger

7.9. Hannover - Festival Kulturdreieck

28.9. Berlin - T.B.A.

2.11. Wuppertal w/ Weichness, Sleepover Concert

15.11. Ingolstadt - Jazztage

24.11. München - T.B.A.


Februar & March - Japan


16.4. Ingolstadt - Kap94 

13.5. Berlin - Monopol, Open Ateliers

27.5. Berlin - Monopol, End of Nations

HOLY B - "Adventures in Lo-Fi" - Release Tour:

31.5. München - Favorit Bar w/ Giovanni & Walter

1.6. München - Secret Event w/ Brnjsmin

2.6. Ingolstadt - Secret Event w/ Brnjsmin

3.6. Berlin - ACUD MACHT NEU w/ Beatdenker & Joa Luna, Claire and more

21.6. Berlin - Monopol, Fete de la Musique

29.6. Berlin - 90mil, WEICH w/ ju ray'm

10.8. Berlin - Monopol, Kultursommer w/ HOLY B 

11.8. Munich - Jazzclub Unterfahrt w/ odizouu & friends

26.8. Berlin - Secret Nature Event 

29.8. - 10.9. Poland, The Palace

"Weichness" - Pre-Release-Tour:

13.9. Regen - Oberstübchen w/ Brnjsmin

14.9. Munich - Favoritbar w/ Brnjsmin & Walter WahnsinnJr. 

15.9. Ingolstadt - KAP94 - Lo-Fi Playground Sessions - Vol. 15 w/ Remeny, Brnjsmin and more

28.9. Ingolstadt - Galerie Haderbastei w/ Malun, Jan Gebauer & Patrick Schlegel

30.9. Eichstätt - Galerie Bildfläche - StadtLandKunst-Festival

21.10. Berlin - 90mil - The Palace Presents #1

9.11. Ingolstadt - Jazztage w/ Bernhard Hollinger's Manifestor feat. Moritz Stahl, Ou Ray'm & Philipp Dornbusch

18.11. Berlin - 90mil w/ O/H/R (Trio Odizouu/Hollinger/Rösch)

23.11. München - Blitz - Tunnelvisions w/ Beifer 

Shows in the past:

Berlin, KWIA w/ HOLY B & Brnjsmin feat. Margaux

Berlin, Donau115, Endless Fun w/ Beatdenker feat. HOLY B

Berlin, Mahalla w/ "Healing Music"

Ingolstadt, Futurologischer Kongress, Lo-Fi Playground x Stadttheater Ingolstadt 

Fusion Festival w/ Mirna Bogdanovic

Ingolstadt, KAP94, Lo-Fi Playground Ambient Picknick

Schloß Schönow - Schlaflos Schön

Kassel - Dokumenta 

München - Bildklang-Festival w/ Music for Light Bulbs 

Hannover - Theater an der Glocksee w/ Auditive Agua Agency (Sound-Installation/Performance)

Berlin, KWIA - Weich w/ HOLY B

Berlin, Mahalla w/ CoCo Katsura

Kassel, Dokfest w/ Hollinger+moono - Special A/V - Performance

Berlin, Mahalla w/ Music for Lightbulbs

Ingolstadt, KAP94 - Lo-Fi Playground Ausstellung

Ingolstadt, KAP94 - Lo-Fi Playground Open Air

Ingolstadt, KAP94 - Lo-Fi Playground Ambient Shibari Picknick

Hallein, Schmiede - Music for Boilers

Hallein, Schmiede - Music for Caravans

Amsterdam, Radion - His Dark Elements x Aura w/ KAAPO

Amsterdam, Sugarfactory - Destructive Creations w/ KAAPO

Amsterdam, Paradiso Noord - Ray Fuego w/ KAAPO

Amsterdam, OT301 - His Dark Elements w/ KAAPO

Amsterdam, OCCII - Lo-Fi Playground

Amsterdam, OT301/DePeper - Lo-Fi Playground

Amsterdam, Eye Museum w/ Dark Side of Bass

Eichstätt, Open Air w/ Dark Side of Bass

Amsterdam, Concertgebouw w/ Bernhard Hollinger Group

Rancagua Jazz Festival w/ Bernhard Hollinger Group

La Serena Jazz Festival w/ Bernhard Hollinger Group

Jazztage Ingolstadt w/ Bernhard Hollinger Group

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