Bernhard Hollinger is a musician, composer, performer, visual artist, curator, educator and film maker, based in Berlin. He spent the early years of his career in Amsterdam, New Orleans, New York, Leipzig, Santiago de Chile and Sao Paolo. His experiments in sound and visuals blur the lines between music, art and science and focus on interdisciplinary mulit-media-art and Jazz- & Sub-culture.

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Catch Bernhard live, doing stuff & going places


1.4. Ingolstadt, MKK w/ NASS

2.4. Ingolstadt, Secret Location w/ HOLY B & Brnjsmin

3.4. Eichstätt, Galerie Bildfläche w/ HOLY B & Brnjsmin

4.4. Nürnberg, Villibald w/ HOLY B & Brnjsmin

5.4. Leipzig, Secret Location w/ HOLY B & Brnjsmin

6.4. Berlin, Secret Location w/ HOLY B & Brnjsmin

7.4. Berlin, KWIA w/ HOLY B & Brnjsmin feat. Margaux

20.4. Berlin, Donau115, Endless Fun w/ Beatdenker feat. HOLY B

30.4. Berlin, Mahalla w/ "Healing Music"

14.5. - Ingolstadt, Futurologischer Kongress, Lo-Fi Playground x Stadttheater Ingolstadt w/ HOLY B, Brnjsmin, Markus Jordan & Paula Gendrisch

17.5. München, Rote Fabrik w/ HOLY B & Brnjsmin & Daniel Kizilirmak

18.5. München, Secret Show w/ HOLY B & Brnjsmin

19.5. Nürnberg, Die Biest w/ HOLY B & Brnjsmin

21.5. Secret Show w/ HOLY B & Brnjsmin

2.6. Ingolstadt, Theaterplatz w/ Solo

18.6. Ingolstadt, Stadttheater w/ NASS

19.6. Ingolstadt, Stadttheater w/ NASS

19.6. Ingolstadt, KAP94 w/ Solo

20.6. Ingolstadt, Stadttheater w/ NASS

25.6. Ingolstadt, Stadttheater w/ NASS

26.6. Ingolstadt, Stadttheater w/ NASS

27.6. Ingolstadt, Stadttheater w/ NASS

1.7. Fusion Festival w/ Mirna Bogdanovic

3.7. Ingolstadt, Stadttheater w/ NASS

4.7. Ingolstadt, Stadttheater w/ NASS

13.7. Ingolstadt, Stadttheater w/ NASS

14.7. Ingolstadt, Stadttheater w/ NASS

17.7. Ingolstadt, Stadttheater w/ NASS

31.7. Ingolstadt, KAP94, Lo-Fi Playground Ambient Picknick

24.8. Dresden - T.B.A.

25.8. Chemnitz - T.B.A. 

26.8. Leipzig - T.B.A.

27.8. Berlin - T.B.A. 

Shows in the past:

Berlin, KWIA - Weich w/ HOLY B

Berlin, Mahalla w/ CoCo Katsura

Kassel, Dokfest w/ Hollinger+moono - Special A/V - Performance

Berlin, Mahalla w/ Music for Lightbulbs

Ingolstadt, KAP94 - Lo-Fi Playground Ausstellung

Ingolstadt, KAP94 - Lo-Fi Playground Open Air

Ingolstadt, KAP94 - Lo-Fi Playground Ambient Shibari Picknick

Hallein, Schmiede - Music for Boilers

Hallein, Schmiede - Music for Caravans

Amsterdam, Radion - His Dark Elements x Aura w/ KAAPO

Amsterdam, Sugarfactory - Destructive Creations w/ KAAPO

Amsterdam, Paradiso Noord - Ray Fuego w/ KAAPO

Amsterdam, OT301 - His Dark Elements w/ KAAPO

Amsterdam, OCCII - Lo-Fi Playground

Amsterdam, OT301/DePeper - Lo-Fi Playground

Amsterdam, Eye Museum w/ Dark Side of Bass

Eichstätt, Open Air w/ Dark Side of Bass

Amsterdam, Concertgebouw w/ Bernhard Hollinger Group

Rancagua Jazz Festival w/ Bernhard Hollinger Group

La Serena Jazz Festival w/ Bernhard Hollinger Group

Jazztage Ingolstadt w/ Bernhard Hollinger Group