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Current Projects: Infos


HOLY B is an experimental musician, progressive electric bass player and producer. His sound is embracing the realm of Lo-Fi and explores a unique pathway along psychedelic edges and rhythmic voodoo. He draws inspiration from idols like e.g. Micachu, Mono Neon, Dakim, Flying Lotus, J-Dilla and more. He is currently releasing the third and last part of the EP-serie  „Adventures in Lo-Fi“, for which he collaborated with a range of promising artists, such as Fred Red, Physical Graffiti, Beatdenker and Ark Noir.

"Adventures in Lo-Fi - Vol. 1 is a brilliant display of bringing the electric bass to unfamiliar settings. HOLY B's uninhibited use of analog noise and distorted samples shifts the perspective on the lo-fi umbrella and helps us glance into the genre's diversity." - thebopbscollective

Check out "Adventures in Lo-Fi"

Current Projects: Über


“Music for Light Bulbs” is an audio-visual and generative light- and sound-installation, which aims to put the visitor into a meditative state of contemplation. Similar to a sweat lodge, inside this installation’s dark room we are starting an almost shamanic journey to the origin of light and sound; an interactive organism that pulls, pushed and breathes and shows the dependency of human existence to warmth and light.

Hollinger has shared light-design and installative works / performances at Bildklang Munich, Mahalla Berlin, Weich Berlin, Schmiede 19 in Hallein and Earsessions Amsterdam, Lo-Fi Playground, OT301 and OCCII Amsterdam. 

Current Projects: Über
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