HOLY B is an experimental musician, progressive electric bass player and producer, who identifies strongly with the DIY-mentality. His first EP "Adventures in Lo-Fi - Vol. 1" is a colourful mix of rough and hypnotizing grooves, edgy bass playing and pop-culture references. 

"Adventures in Lo-Fi - Vol. 1 is a brilliant display of bringing the electric bass to unfamiliar settings. HOLY B's uninhibited use of analog noise and distorted samples shifts the perspective on the lo-fi umbrella and helps us glance into the genre's diversity." - thebopbscollective

Check out "Adventures in Lo-Fi - Vol. 1"



A small amount of people is gathering around an empty but beautifully decorated caravan, which is located inside an industrial hall. They are sitting and laying on pillows and mattresses that are placed around on the cold floor of the location. The vehicle turns into a living entity that sends out rays of light and sound to attract listeners for an immersive experience. 

"Music for Caravans" is an ambient music performance as well as a live sound installation by Bernhard Hollinger and was shown at Schmiede 2020, in Hallein. Its concept is strongly influenced by Brian Eno and his masterpiece "Music for Airports" as well as a compromise in times of Covid-19 to create a small and intimate space for an exclusive listening experience. 



An audio-visual performance act that aims to explore the relation between sound, light and improvisation through electronics. Bernhard has spent the last years exploring contemporary techniques of improvisation through electronic music devices and building his unique controller that enables him to transfer musical data into light. The sound is a mix of ambient, drone and contrastful down to up-tempo grooves; adapting to the performance environment. 

Despite of his live performances in clubs and radio-stations around europe (e.g. OT301, Red Light Radio), Hollinger has contributed to light-desing and installative works, e.g. at Schmiede 19 in Hallein and Earsessions in Amsterdam. 



Atmospheric glitch-techno album, based on deconstructed classical music and abstract minimal funk. "Simulative" is a collaborative record by electro-acoustic composer Rutger Muller and contemporary jazz bassist Bernhard Hollinger. 

"Rutger Muller and Bernhard Hollinger have done a masterful job pioneering their innovative sound. The classical samples, contemporary instrumentation, and futuristic processing all come together to bring this faceted atmosphere to life." - thebopscollective

Check out "Simulative"

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