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Current Projects: Infos


HOLY B is an experimental musician, progressive electric bass player, producer and performer, whose sound ranges from lo-fi ambient soundscapes to noisy rhythms and progressive beats. He is currently releasing a series of EPs "Adventures in Lo-Fi", as well as doing live-shows, that are accompanied by his DIY light bulbs installation or analog video visuals. He recently joined Munich based producer Brnjsmin for a track on his freshly released EP "Skin" on LA-based label Katuktu Collective. 

"Adventures in Lo-Fi - Vol. 1 is a brilliant display of bringing the electric bass to unfamiliar settings. HOLY B's uninhibited use of analog noise and distorted samples shifts the perspective on the lo-fi umbrella and helps us glance into the genre's diversity." - thebopbscollective

Check out "Adventures in Lo-Fi"

Current Projects: Über


An interdisciplinary and audio-visual project which combines art, science and music. It can be run as an installation as well as serve as a stage and interactive environment for Bernhard's live performance, in which he aims to explore the relation between sound, light and improvisation through electronic music devices and unique controllers which transfer musical data into light.

Hollinger has shared light-design and installative works / performances at Bildklang Munich, Mahalla Berlin, Schmiede 19 in Hallein and Earsessions Amsterdam, Lo-Fi Playground, OT301 and OCCII Amsterdam. 

Current Projects: Über
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